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How to download a cataclysm client?

In order to download the full Cataclysm client, you could download it through our connection page here: Connection Page.

The .rar is about 14GB and it is the full client, not a mini client that downloads additional content over time.

Within the client we've placed a few helpful AddOns we're using ourselves, as well as the correct realmlist you will need in order to directly connect to our server with no additional effort required.

If you do not want the AddOns, you may disable them as soon as you log in-game with your Warshard credentials. On the characters selection menu, you will be able to select which AddOns you would like to load and which ones you don't. A secondary option is to delete the AddOns directly. Their source is:

I already have a client, how do I connect?

If you already have a client, you can adjust your realmlist.wtf to the following:

set realmlist logon.warshard.com

The realmlist.wtf file can be found at your WoW client directory, within the "Data" -> "enGB" -> "realmlist.wtf".

If you're unable to edit the file, right click it and ensure you can edit the file. Then repeat the whole process once again.

My account was hacked! What do I do?

For starters, make sure you contact us through a new ticket on the website: Create a Ticket

Within the ticket, please make sure you describe EVERYTHING that's known to you. We have our automated systems to help us detect recent logins, IPs, countries and accurate login timestamps. We will do our best to compare these details with the information you provide us with.

Please make sure you elaborate in the English language, as we're an English-speaking server with an English-speaking staff team. Be sure you include all the changes you made to your account in terms of emails and character names (if any).

We will do our best to resolve your issue within 24 hours, but for that we will need your full collaboration.

TO AVOID FUTURE HACKING ATTEMPTS: please visit the "Account Settings" page and hit the "Security and Privacy" tab: "Security & Privacy"

Add security questions, add Google 2-Step-Verification, and secure yourself to dramatically decrease the chances of this ever happening again! Be sure to change your passwords every now and then, and never use the same password for more than 1 thing!

How to link my website & game accounts?

In order to link the two accounts together, visit the following page (Account Settings): Account Settings

Now, visit the "Warshard In-Game Database" tab. Fill in the credentials it requires.

Linking your account allows the website to use your in-game user for various purposes. From email modification and password reset to claiming rewards or using special promotion codes & coupons made for your account specifically.

How to I reset my password?

In order to reset your game password, you need to make sure your accounts are linked. Once they are, you will be able to go to the following page and change your password: password moficiation

Please note: NOT having your accounts linked will result in website account modification ONLY! Your in-game account's data will remain exactly the same!

Where can I vote?

In Warshard, we do not offer any vote services and do not ask our community to vote to get rewarded. You can take advantage of our playtime system instead, where you get rewards for being active.

Can I get paid for playing?

Yes. We host multiple contests, some on Discord and some in-game, and these contests contain a special prize! You can also participate in our raffles & giveaways for a chance to win a prize, which may be money, in some cases.

Can I pay to get the best items?

No. Warshard does not support the pay-to-win approach and we're proud to say we're STRONGLY against it.

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