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  • We would like to thank you for showing interest in playing here. If you do not yet have an account - feel free to make one here. If you already have an account but do not have a client, be sure to follow the following instructions:

    How to download a cataclysm client?
    In order to download the full Cataclysm client, you could download it through Google Drive or Mega.nz.

    How big is the client?
    The .rar itself is about 14GB and is the full client. This is not a mini client that downloads content overtime. However, if you would prefer a mini client, we do not provide one yet.

    What's in the client?
    Within the client we've placed a few helpful AddOns we're using ourselves, as well as the correct realmlist you will need in order to directly connect to our server with no additional effort required.

    If I don't want the AddOns?
    If you do not want the AddOns, you may disable them as soon as you log in-game with your Warshard credentials. On the characters selection menu, you will be able to select which AddOns you would like to load and which ones you don't.
    A secondary option is to delete the AddOns directly. Their source is:


  • If you already have your own Cataclysm client and would like to connect to our server, you can do it very easily by changing the realmlist.wtf file's content.
    The file is located at:


    Open the file via any text editing software (Notepad, word, Notepad++) and do the following:
    Delete everything it says there and replace it with this text:

    set realmlist login.warshard.com
    set patchlist

    Note: if you still cannot log in-game, you may try this realmlist instead:

    set realmlist logon.warshard.com
    set patchlist

    When you're done, hit save and close it.

  • Security Tips
    We hope you will enjoy your experience at Warshard and if you encounter any issue, feel free to ask by creating an in-game ticket or a support ticket on the website or on our Discord.

    A staff member will NEVER ask you for your password and will NEVER have need for that at any point of time. Keep yourself safe from hijackers and report them to us immediately!

    A staff member will ALWAYS have a Blizz.png.e32be9b4322b8c188fabacc8b2a3bdff.png icon next to their name, and when they whisper you - they will have a separate window for it! Be sure you report if anyone falsely claims he/she is a staff member!

    Take a screenshot (or record a video) of your characters often, so in case your account has been stolen or hacked - we will have a valid proof of what is missing and needs to be brought back.

    Make sure you enable the 2-step-verification (Google Authenticator) and answer 3 security questions to maximize your account's security and dramatically reduce the odds of your accounts' theft in any way, shape or form! Accounts that do not have at least 1 extra security feature enabled on them - ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SUPPORT IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY!

    Please make sure you use a valid email you can access at all times! We will do a routine checkup on email verification and we will freeze accounts that are not able to verify their email at any point of time!

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