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  • Background
    Upon your first character login, you will be spawned in Dalaran's sewers, where PvP is disabled and you can freely explore the area. This is the first and only time you will be there, so make sure you take what you can from there!

    Starting Off
    We're starting with a Vicious S10 gear & accessories, S9 weapons.
    As you progress, you will unlock S10/S10 Elite and S11/S11 elite gear, accessories & weapons.
    Please note: you will need Honor & Conquest Points, and in some cases even arena ratings to purchase new items!

    Our Current Mission
    Our initial phase will be focused primarily on PvP, and will not remain PvP focused once we perfect the PvP aspect of our server, and later on expand to PvE.

    Our malls are divided into factions - Horde Mall (Tarren Mill) and Alliance Mall (Southshore). The two malls are walking distance from each other and CAN be raided by the opposite faction!
    Each mall has its Town Master, a powerful boss you must protect! Having your Town Master's death will grant the enemy faction a temporary advantage (only active members who were online during the Town Master's death).

    The Town Master has the ability to declare truce, which you must obey, or you will be scouted by bounty hunters who will gladly look for you, as the rewards that are placed against you are pretty neat.

    Our server has countless PvP engaging systems, one of them is the entire automated events system, which is built to entertain players through an automated GM-hosted event... but without the GM. There is a daily cap of 3 games per account, and there are currently 2 automated events: Crystal Standing & Last Man Standing. Feel free to give them a shot in-game!

    Another system we're proud to say we have is the 1v1 Arena system, where players can face each other in an arena match to get rewarded with Conquest Points & ratings, which will help you with your journey on getting better items!

    You can always head over to our Duel Zone and practice with your friends.

    To top it all, we have a fully functioning battlegrounds system and generally stable PvP environment. If you notice any issue - please let us know by reporting it.

    Our server features multiple higher-expansion items, spells, mounts and companions in addition to the Cataclysm expansion's content. You can check the mall for the appropriate vendors to see what it takes to unlock this for your character(s).

    • Duel Zone - PvP Disabled!
    • Mall - Dummy Testing Area
    • Mall - Shopping Zone (players not for sale)
    • Mall - Training Area
  • Connection

    If you wish to log in-game and give us a shot, you should read our connection guide.

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